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Layup and Stacking

ENVIROFORCE tailor-makes layup solutions that allow owners to decide their preferred anchorage option for their ocean going vessels. Tankforce anchorage option includes:

  1. ALONGSIDE (subject to availability),

  2. OFFSHORE within yard vicinity and short launch service, or

  3. OFFHSORE (<5km) within a secured and dedicated layup anchorage. 

Batam Karimun as Part of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) January 20th 2009“Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has officially launched the much-delayed free trade zone (FTZ) for Batam and Karimun in Riau Islands.


Companies operating in the islands will no longer pay value-added tax (VAT), import duties and luxury tax, spurring hope that more foreign businesses will invest in the islands to tap low production costs. ”


Siting one regulation for the FTZ - for the laid up vessel especially for the offshore vessel such us Rig, Derrick Lay Barge etc, there is no tax involved for the import or export including the equipment as long as the next port after re-activation is outside of Indonesia. 

Our lay-up anchorage areas are well policed secure and sheltered.

Offshore anchorages, Galang, Karimun and Tanjong Uncang have good holding ground in up to 25 metres of water and a current of no more than a few knots, allowing ships to be moored to a single anchor.

Alongside anchorages include those in shipyards or besides shipyards in both Batam and Karimun. For Batam the anchorage of Tanjung Uncang is of most importance as it is alongside the shipyards serving the Oil and Gas industry, another location is at Kabil, however this is considered an overflow anchorage once availability at Tanjong Uncang has been filled.  

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